Serita Shah

Senior HR Professional (Assoc) (LLB Hons), Coach & Mentor

Serita’s Got Her Sexy Groove Back…

Knowing Cv Pillay has awakened my inner “Girl on Fire” which was hidden for years. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Cv, I spoke to him about one of my biggest dreams and he asked one question and within 5 months I achieved that dream… It was now my reality, I was ecstatic… Cv never stopped questioning me. I could see that he is a positive person with a calming sense to him, If you get to know him you will see this, he has a real passion for life and wanted me to see what he saw.

Last year was a REAL learning journey for myself, I felt really free. I had goals that I wanted to achieve and through Cv’s Mind F*#king Blueprints, unconventional methods and specific tailored made suggestions, I started to understand things in a different light, my mind was tuned in, alive and awake, I started to see all the beauty in me, that girl I once knew was back after being invisible for so long, I was motivated and determined to achieve more of my life, to actually see and achieve “my goals”.

For the first time in a long while the hunger I had, needed to be satisfied. This hunger was reinforced by seeing in front of me a successful person, what was Cv doing to make his life a success? I wanted to know more day by day. Cv’s knowledge is next to none and it amazes me to this day what his mind possesses, he is a visionary and I truly believe he is using the 90% of his brain that you know never gets utilised by most people, Cv Pillay has the gift.

As the year went on I decided to have Cv as my coach, I am now learning lots of new ways on how to approach different areas of my life, so far I have learnt at least 7 new processes so I can live as I want. This is through Cv and his specific techniques for me, his insight and LIMITLESS MIND. I am enlightened and I’ve got MY groove back… Yes I have and I am ready for life. I’ve truly discovered a power within myself, my goals and dreams are so achievable, and these new beliefs complement the huge passion I have for life.

I am forever grateful that Cv came into my life… Because my life is on track… I have made my life as it should be… It’s Amazing.

The quote I love is “Our Paths Crossing Was No Mistake” I truly believe everything happens for a reason, I’m putting myself out there for the world to see me now and loving every minute of it, who knows our paths may cross and I look forward to meeting you in person.

If you feel your life is like ‘Ground Hog Day’ , you really want more, you’ve lost whom you are… Book a coaching session with this man Cv Pillay and within 5 minutes , I assure you, you life will never be the same again.


February, 2018, Serita was a client of Cv’s

Laurie K. Grant

International Business Strategist, Thought Leader, Speaker & Author

Unsurpassed Mind Shifting At Its Finest

Cv Pillay will take your mind and rattle your beliefs to take you on a journey that will have you letting go, no matter how much monkey mind resists, to go further in the shortest amount time to change. He will do this by disturbing your patterns of behaviour in the most outrageous and profound manner. Cv will direct you to change the way you be in your life forever by going through and past your mind to touch your soul. If you want to illuminate the world with your soul purpose, then run, not walk to work with Cv as he will set you free.

You will never experience coaching like this from any other corner of the world, Cv has a unique style and perception, a unique ability to see the layers that need to be peeled away like an onion to allow the most authentic version of who you are to shine. He has a direct, no nonsense approach that pulls you up on the carpet for the games your monkey mind wants to play. He provides immense value and I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone who wants to bring their true self out to play in the world.

I’m planning to hold seminars in Toronto with Cv Pillay as my special celebrity guest speaker as I want others to experience the mindshift and to have the amazing results that I have. Thank you Cv for the illumination you brought to my life.


September, 2016, Laurie K. was a client of Cv’s

Leila Singh

Sales Executive, Award Winning Author, Accredited Coach (IIC&M), International Speaker, Speaker Trainer

I met Cv Pillay in London last year, where we got chatting about my reasons for attending the event we where both in, as well learning more about Cv and what he does.

Cv opened my eyes to what was stopping me from moving forward in various aspects of my life, and whilst sometimes you can be uncertain as to where he is heading with his mind blowing questions, upon reflection it all made sense!!

His unique talents and techniques enabled me to gain much more clarity on where I am heading, what was really holding me back, and what I needed to do to get to where I want to be. And let’s not pretend working with him was easy. He pushes you way out of your comfort zone, challenges you in ways which can make you squirm, yet he gets guaranteed results!! For me, this centred around the pursuit of my passion – in coaching others – and specifically the writing and publishing of my first book, networking, personal branding, social media, all things which were new for me, as well as encouraging me to take the small steps to move forward in the right direction in removing the blocks I had.

Cv Pillay is extremely talented in empowering you with the clarity, insights and tools (some I have never seen before) to wake you up, to move you forward; he is inspiring, amusing and highly engaging, and his no holds barred will kick your butt to ensure you achieve your potential!

Ten Words: Highly recommended if you want the real change to happen.


August, 2016, Leila was a client of Cv’s

Erwin Geiss

IT-Servicedesk bei Wintershall - Shaping The Future

Having the ground underneath my feet smashed with no safety net…

I met Cv Pillay by being in the right place, in a signature seminar by T. Harv Eker. First I thought of him was “What a weird guy!”

Never judge at first sight! A few minutes later we were a group of people and got to know each other. I noticed at once his ability to connect with people on a very personal level, with both respect and kindness.
What a gift I thought to myself. My view about him changed completely. I observed him further in order to learn more of his tricks. When we all departed I knew that he is not using any tricks, he is just himself. What a great personality and life philosophy he has! I left that evening thinking that I had met a master of language patterns and social interactions. I wish I could have him as my coach and learn more from him.
My wish came true… I am glad to say he is my coach now. He is the first person I have ever met that is using the coaching skills to the fullest. If you know NLP, you know what I mean. And belief me I have been to many seminars and courses in my life and I have seen other masters in this field, like Tony Robbins and Dr. Richard Bandler! But I have never seen it in action that fast!

During our first coaching session he uncovered beliefs that I wasn’t even aware I had! It took him literally 5 minutes. Many things he was doing during the coaching session didn’t really make sense at first, but when I had my first “Aha-moments” it came all together. With Mind-Fucking me, he taught me what to focus on in my life and to be more accountable, which helps me not to procrastinate.

Cv has a very direct approach and honest approach which is not cheap I must admit, and cuts straight through the garbage I tell myself and gets me straight to the point of the issue.

If you think you know what to expect, try him, you will be surprised! My encounter with Cv was for sure not an accident or by chance. The universe had sent him to me in the right moment. Do you know this saying? “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

December, 2015, Erwin was a client of Cv’s


Rachel Gedney

Discover How This International Relationship Mentor Guides Men And Women To Embody Their Pleasure

Cv Pillay makes me laugh and moist at the same time and he will probably do the same for you …

Within 5 minutes, he knew my pattern but he also knew my desire to change and he did not give up until I finally let go to fly with both wings outstretched embracing all this world has to offer – Boy this MAN is great and I have my mojo back!

He changed a belief system I have had for 7 years, in 1 minute. Changed the pattern I have had much of my adult life within 5 minutes and helped me see and feel the desired for change.

The Universe has a way of delivering people into our lives at the moment we most desire, today Cv did something no man has done for me, he gave me time and space – priceless!

From start to finish he was relentless, pulling me back to my mirror, naked, vulnerable, raw, Cv whipped me into shape and administered the Royal kick up the backside I deserved! He F**ked with my mind, body and soul until there was no-where to hide, finally waking me up to my reality.

Cv took me out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion, he turned me upside down, inside out until my feet were finally rooted again; feeling it in my core, I was physically shaking but trusted him completely and never doubted him. I promise you, the end result is euphoric! This is monumental and has had a profound effect on my life and work.

Every time I regressed, he pushed that pattern back in my face making it uglier every time until I accepted it at its ugliest able to release it at last, laughing and moist at the same time!

I was disappointed at myself for allowing myself to slip into the confused life I had been living lately!

At one point all I could see was a mind full of c**p I had willingly collected; with the blink of an eye Cv had turned that c**p into a beautiful, calm, blank canvas.
Cv has shown me the truly beautiful, amazing woman that I am shining my brilliant light out across the world …. this Red Hot Goddess is home and the world will never be the same again.

I have never had a coaching session quite like this, but hand on heart, would only choose Cv in future.

No ONE person has ever had such a huge impact on my thought process, belief system and words in such a short time …. all of which I take forward for the rest of my life.

That was the best £6,000  I have ever spent on my own pleasure and pain and he was worth every penny! That’s why we pay him the big bucks, he is worth every penny. Do yourself a big favour and speak to him for 5 minutes and you will have what I’m having now!

December, 2015, Rachel was a client of Cv’s

Omeshree Moodley

Client Engagement (AFRICA) RMB Corporate Banking

The Ultimate Mind-F**k

A connection via the airwaves…London to JHB…the reading of your book to that mind-blowing one-on-one session with you.

I got to experience that ultimate ‘mindf**k’ that others are raving about.
Left me stunned, shaking the very core of me….
Wonder Woman has been ‘Wonderstruck’.

Those initial 5minutes – what invaluable feedback which leaves me vulnerable yet certain on the change I will now let myself have – now that’s profound!

I have been exposed, truly I have….my skin has been turned inside out.
CV Pillay – you got into my mind and soul, you really did: I’m in awe of you! Did you just do that?! Yes!

The things I always did and always knew…: my comfort zone…now placed on a stage.
I have always done what I always did….so I’ve gotten what I’ve always got…this I now know….you exposed this.

The subconscious knew this, I will no longer deny those inevitables.

From my daily routine to my personal space your mastermind has gotten into my ‘safe haven’…illustrating and proving to me how all of those decisions and choices have manifested into what I call ‘my life’

A life I know I’m not content with – just living: yes, but not reeeeealllllyyy living.

My goals and desires have been placed on that bench in the comfort zone ‘park’. I now see myself for the wonderful, amazing…sexy woman I am. I now place an intrinsic value to ME.

That energy from goal to action – Cv you’ve unleashed it! With all your honesty, fact and truly seeing me for the being I am.

By showing me the ‘clutter’ that surrounds me and my abundance of opportunities – I will no longer suppress my own energy and sabotage my own learning’s – most of all I will embrace the precious adventures my life has to offer me.

So here I am,,,,with all that fire now raging and burning inside of me….I am on top of the world saying:

“Dear universe…. here I am..ME.. YES!!
…..Omeshree …..
welcome to MY world”

A stop…start & continue?! NOT…more like a: Wake UP,,delete,,delete: I know I can DO IT!

Cv Pillay – Awesome coach, author, and ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ connector,
Spellbound and SUPER – grateful that our paths did cross!
Thank you for letting my mind ‘cum to’.

I dare everyone, wherever you are: just give yourself 5mins in time
with Cv Pillay!
I would love for you to experience what I just did!

Omeshree – JHB South Africa
Always, (now that I’ve been CVP’d)

September, 2015, Omeshree was a client of Cv’s


Mbali Nwankwo

Scheme Co-ordinator at London Care


I just had the most amazing session with My Coach Cv Pillay.

He is such a motivational and inspirational person.

Lessons learnt:


This is the MAN all woman MUST talk to!!!! He has taught me about how to brand myself and how the best investment one can make is in myself. I am absolutely grateful for the time as well as the sexual education that I didn’t know before!

He is definitely The Celebrity Sex Coach every woman MUST talk to.

He has opened up my mind in more ways than I can think.

£2,000 for that two hour session! I’m so blessed to call him my coach and I will probably win VIP tickets to his movie coming out next year!

I guarantee that if you spend only 5 minutes with him, the way you look at things change instantly!

Thank you Cv Pillay. Looking forward to more future sessions with you.

Keep my mind cumming!!!

September, 2015, Mbali was a client of Cv’s


Mike Shields

Safety, Health and Environment Courses Worldwide

“Cv Is An Amazing Mind Fucker.”

I met Cv at an inspirational event I enjoy attending, personal growth and stretching my possibilities is what I love to do. Talking with him at this event was cool as he has such a direct way of reflecting questions back to you and basically calling you out on your crap, we all have some form of baggage but been able to see it in the true light and process it is phenomenal as new belief systems are then created.

Cv has unlocked many doors for me to which I have now elevated myself to be in my authentic confident and charismatic power. I no longer let the little hang-ups get the better of me and I am now comfortable with what had made me uncomfortable.

I engaged Cv’s coaching for a kick ass transformational change, admittedly he is a hard task master, but that is what was needed. It is all very well talking about issues but Cv pushes you into taking action, going through the pain barriers brings the pleasure of the rewards. I must state that when it comes to over-delivering Cv does this with finesse. After working with him in just the first two weeks I have experienced great changes in my life.

I must say… He’s not cheap by any chance but you get every pennies worth plus more.

I know that if Cv Pillay spends 5 minutes with you, he could change the way you see your love life forever. I would recommend him to you if you want real change in your life.


July, 2015, Mike was a client of Cv’s

Kim Wright

Independent Health, Wellness & Fitness Professional

I have been having coaching with Cv for several months now. I learn something new every time we speak, I planning to do a JV with Cv when I do my “Forever Young Events” end of this year. Guess what, because you reading this… I want to also invite you.

Whenever we have a session I leave it feeling I can achieve everything I dream of. After our very first session I lost half a stone in just two weeks. Now I am on the home straight and plan to reach my target weight in the next two months. This is amazing because it is the first time I have been able to visualise being a healthy weight in more than 20 years.

Cv always challenges me to be my best. He always knows which buttons to press. Coaching with him is not always cosy, but it always leaves me ready for anything.

I would highly recommend Cv, he is not cheap but worth every penny. He really keeps me accountable and will take NO excuses. This is just one of the reasons his coaching works so well for me. Thank you Cv…

Ps, I Love Your Book By The Way.

July, 2015, Kim was a client of Cv’s

Agbeli Alistair Ziddah

The Council Tax Painkiller Award Winning Author & International Speaker

I have only known Cv for a few months now. In this length of time has however become irrelevant as he has become a major influence in my life as well as a heaven-sent inspiration in the writing of my upcoming book “Ditch Your Council Tax!”

Working with him privately has granted me access to his vast store of knowledge in the sphere of non-fiction and self development writing. His style is blunt and honest but with so much compassion. He knows exactly the right way to ‘get under your skin’ and open one’s eyes to previously unnoticed flaws and and opportunities simultaneously.

He certainly opened my eyes!

His book “The Secrets Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Men” is out now in its second edition and it is a must read for every woman or man. I got a copy and it is proving a very interesting read!

If you can’t work with him (1on1) as he charges £2k a session. You must get his book and read his Power Quotes in there. They are life changing.

If don’t believe me, see for yourself.

July, 2015, Agbeli Alistair was a client of Cv’s

Hélio Vogas

Keynote Speaker

Cv Pillay is a very powerful coach!

I love how he challenges me to take some actions that even though it makes me hate him in the beginning but later on helps my business so much that I’m thankful to have him as my coach and in the end I love him again.

He’s the only coach I’ve had that didn’t accept my excuses and makes me do what has to be done. One of the biggest A-HA’s I got from Cv is that I wasn’t celebrating my successes and that was what was stopping me to become even more successful and that had a root in the feeling that I had that those successes came easy to me and therefore I wasn’t worth them.

With his help I’m learning to own my successes more and more and that’s improving not only my business as well as my life.

I highly recommend you to reach out to Cv if you want to take your life to the Next Level!

June, 2015, Hélio was a client of Cv’s

Claudia B Vogas

YouTuber I Activist I Moral Courage Ambassador I Host at Claudia B Vogas TV Creating Inspirational Videos On YouTube

I met Cv in 2013. He worked with me continuously on a regular basis on the areas of success, being the right person in the right place at the time and stopping to let my own story get in my way.
It all started with the relationship I was in when we met. He helped me let go of it and be ready for when the right man came along…who is now my husband. Cv even predicted when and where I would meet him and described him clearly to me. It was very curious yet impressive. He helped me overcome limiting beliefs that stopped me from letting go in the relationship and in business.
The one thing that comes up in my mind when I think of Cv is the way he interrupts my patterns in the most outrageous yet funny and deep ways.
Him doing that allows the strategies and techniques I learn to actually be owned by me instead of just being intellectually understood.
I am absolutely grateful for the way that Cv has supported me. I recommend him to anybody who needs an honest voice that brutally brings you back to reality, bursts your bubble and you end up thanking him for it because your life improved immediately!
June, 2015, Claudia B was a client of Cv’s