Unlocking Your Life…

How much of your amazing love life do you allow yourself to enjoy fully?

How much energy, love, power, passion and sex can you experience?

How do you live in your truth and manifest your dreams?

How can you support others to do the same?

Unique, Tailor-Made, High-End Tutoring To Understand,

Unleash And Unlock Your Emotional Freedom Forever…


Start imagining that you are being held in a space where you are able to safely examine these issues, overcoming unhealthy patterns and erroneous societal paradigms that create emotional blocks and mute or may stop your life experience. My tutoring is deep, powerful, and gentle at the same time. We look at what increases and decreases your love and energy in life and how you can create more of what you truly craving.

In this unique, tailor-made, high-end tutoring, all sessions are private, fully confidential and are designed to nurture, awaken, and help you to grow. You will learn many tools that you can use in your everyday life and relationships. With more than 24 years training experiences and the knowledge, I know how to relax your body and shock your mind in all the right places. Within a safe, nurturing environment you can relax and open. You can release what no longer serves you, such as old limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks. As you open fully to your essence you will learn how to circulate and channel these newly awakened energies in ways that support you in living a more integrated life. Tutoring Sessions vary from 1,5-3 hours and can be tailored for you. At times it’s beneficial to work with you and your partner in a session or two. This will be especially helpful to be on the same page when working with your relationship and intimacy issues.

Imagine traveling the inner realms, going to many places and using many tools to deepen, accelerate and support you to manifest a passionate and fuller life. In addition to sharing my Tantric information, techniques, ritual and other healing modalities are brought into the session; an energetic and spiritual transmission takes place. This transmission provides inspiration and a healthy reference point for the physical body, the mind, the heart and the emotional body.

It is a step into the world of divine power and possibilities.

My tutoring will have a profound effect on your reality and usually creates a significant shift of your consciousness and perspective. Those who work with me are drawn in by a feeling or knowing that they are ready to unlock their life totally. The next step will be clear and you will be moving toward the fullness and clarity to have the life you dream about.

I have a rich territory to share with those who are committed to total health and are ready to deepen. Life takes on a whole new meaning when you are approached from a place of fullness and passion.

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The SuccSex Tutoring That You Will Receive Is Really Not For Everyone And Will Be Life Changing.

I honour your commitment and courage as you create this opportunity for introspection and transformation. Our sessions are very dynamic and they evolve differently depending on individual needs and issues. We discover together the patterns that are stopping you. Here are some patterns that you may have to admit to yourself: impatience, abandonment, resentment, distraction, addiction, neglect, and abuse. Your mind is always present in acceptance and creates a haven of safety while maintaining the best energy standards. 

I work with your body but mostly with your mind. My tutoring is for you to rediscover your inner self in order for you to get in-tune with your mind, body and for your sexual being to be reawakened.


Do you believe that sex or the act of sex is a taboo?

Well, I’m changing that fact and practice, knowing very well that everyone has a vibrant sexual being inside of them. Bringing everything back to life, by creating the life that you really want.

After more than 16,000 hours of tutoring, I can confidently say “I know what it takes to unlock your body and your mind”. I have currently created over 741 Blueprints, Strategies or Methods that really work on your mental, physical as well as your emotional level and that we can easily apply them in order for us together to overcome Relational & Sexual Problems:

  1. Connection/ Understanding/ Trust Issues.
  2. Human Sexual Intelligence.
  3. Disconnection In Relationships.
  4. Overcome Psychological & Physical Intimacy Blockages.
  5. Sexual Attraction With Yourself.
  6. Turn Your Stressful Relationship Into An Adventure.
  7. Awaken Your Body & Mind.
  8. Difficulty With Emotional Intimacy
  9. Over Cumming Erection Problems.
  10. Lack Of Confidence & Sexual Fears.
  11. Create That Deep, Sexy & Passionate Connection (That lasts as long as you want).
  12. Premature Ejaculation
  13. History Of Abuse.
  14. Lack Of Desire & Pleasure.

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Connecting and Confidentiality

I honour your desire to learn and your courage to explore and heal. I offer you the comfort of complete confidentiality and privacy. www.CvPillay.com does not share or sell it’s contact list. If you are a private client, I will not identify you as such publicly, either in a social situation or if you are a participant in talks or events.

It’s best to Call/WhatsApp (+447788995678) to schedule your appointments in advance. I rarely have same-day availability, but please don’t hesitate to ask.


You maybe lucky…