Did you know this… 90% of relationship books are written by women to understand Men & Sex.

With over 172 Blueprints in the book to unlock your unconscious mind in your love life.

9 Things You Need To Know Before Reading My Amazing Sex MANual…


 1. Please You Must Use A Pen And Never A Pencil When Reading And Taking Notes In The Book.

 2. You Will Notice There’s Big Writing In The Book, It’s So You Don’t Need To Use Glasses In Bedroom.

 3. You Will Fall In Love With My Power Quotes, They Are There To Open And Shock Your Mind.

 4. There Is A Sextion On How To Give A Blow Job & Yes… It’s On Page 69.

 5. The Last Question In The Sextion “Body Talk, Tell Us What You Want?” Will Probably Save Your Sexual Relationship, It Has For My Clients And Readers.

 6. After Each Sextion, You Must Answer The “Feedback To Yourself” With The First Idea That Cums To Your Mind.

 7. Never Lie In Any Sextion Because If You Do, You Are Only Lying To Yourself & No One Else.

 8. You Will Learn New Things About Yourself That You Never Known Before, Be Open To This.

9. Re-Read Six Weeks Later, After Your First Read To Notice If Your Belief System Or Behaviour Patterns Have Become Better Than Before Or Have Changed.

Better Learn Now Than Never. ~ Cv Pillay

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If you want to get into your MAN’s mind? Don’t ask a woman ask me, Cv Pillay. This is a book helps you get:

“How To Love Your MAN More” and “How To Get Into His Mind And Body”.

Written by a MAN to understand us men. Even men can learn something new in this book if they are looking for some answers about sex.

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